Ash Tu-kay

Ashley James Woodward
Producer/Sound Engineer
Originally from the small village of Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire; Ash is today recognised as a Music Producer and Songwriter. He is also the founder of the independent project recording studio Tu-kay Records and record label Audio Vendor.

Ash started singing and writing songs at the age of six and over the years since, he has practised Bass, Guitar, Piano, Drums and percussion amongst other instruments; adding them to his repertoire.

Ash has accumulated in excess of 8 years gigging experience in bars, pubs, clubs, Festivals and Parks across the UK. Ash has also successfully organised, promoted and engineered a number of music events and festivals.

Ash has explored and recorded many different styles/genres of music ranging from Rock, Indie, Acoustic, Reggae, Blues, Jazz, Dance, Hip-Hop, Big Band, Metal & Folk to heavy experimentation with sampling, MIDI & computer music.

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