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Creation of Northamptonshire-based composer, acclaimed acoustic guitarist and singer Chris Brown, hazeyjane is the vehicle for the live musical expression of his own original songs and adaptive arrangements of celebrated pieces of poetry. Chris' voice is often said to resemble that of David Sylvian and his ambient acoustic guitar style uses unusual tunings and spider capos to create exquisite guitar figures and motifs that give his songs distinctively airy, graceful and spacious qualities.

Andy Griffiths

Andy Griffiths is a highly accomplished songwriter. His songs are thought provoking and poetic, stemming from a storytelling perspective. His sweet, melodic, fingerpicked guitar style compliments his soothing vocals as he performs his songs of love, hope, madness and lighthouses.

Tu-kay & Ryan

Tu-kay & Ryan are a musical duo based in Northamptonshire, perfoming predominantly original material. They are fastly becoming known for their lush harmonies and heartfelt lyrics touching at both matters of the heart and encouraging a positive and optimistic outlook on society and life in its entirety.

Tim Jon Brophy

Tim Jon Brophy's music is that of the 90s brit pop era. Big guitars, drums, thick vocal blends and progressive soundscapes.

Ash Tu-kay

Originally from the small village of Stoke Bruerne, Northamptonshire; Ash is today recognised as a Music Producer, Songwriter & Sound Engineer. He is also the founder of the independent recording studio Tu-kay Records and record label Audio Vendor. Ash started singing and writing songs at the age of six and progressed to recording as a means to capture his own material; in doing so he found a passion for recording. Ash's music encompasses an eclectic range of genres, lyrically focused on life & society.


A pirate or lawless adventurer. British hip-hop & rap fusion.

Mark A. Harrison

Mark is a Leicester based singer songwriter. His music is particularly focussed around the subject of love and relationships. Really nice well written songs that capture feelings we can all relate to.

Averse Prospect

Having a strong dislike of or opposition to the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring. Heavy Rock & bass music with attitude. Conceptual songs about future possibilities, observations, fears and imagination. Politically provocative in nature.